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April, 9th 1902

Band Photographs






Pictures taken by Merri Cyr.  ©


Pictures taken by Ryan Obermeyer. ©

Pictures taken by Paule Saviano. ©

Merchandise and Misc





Cabin Fever! Folio



The Sheperdess-sheep on the cover :


(This is not official merch. Melora just found those perfume bottles and put them together. However, you can make your own. You can find them on Ebay nowadays.





(Only available for the contest winners.)

« Our Lies » single. Thanks to KrodKnid.



Digipack version of Cabin Fever


“My fever Broke”EP Cd. August, 20th 1902

"Cabin Fever!" trading cards.


 (BIG thanks to B.1879 who scanned all the fronts and back)

Came out in a special edition CD.

Unmarked trading card !

"Cabin Fever!" era site pages.



 "Lost and Found"




Lost and found” 1st Edition 

Pictures and design: Ryan Obermeyer. ©



Lost and found” 2nd Edition (January, 21st 1903)

Pictures and design: Ryan Obermeyer. ©

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