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Rasputina Gallery Times

April, 22nd 1910


Sister Kinderhook will be out on June the 15th!

Here’s the tracklist :

01. Sweet Sister Temperance




02. Holocaust of Giants




03. The 2 Miss Leavens




04. My Night Sky




05. Olde Dance




06. Humankind, As the Sailor




07. Calico Indians




08. Snow-Hen of Austerlitz




09. Dark February




10. Utopian Society




11. Afternoon of the Faun




12. Kinderhook Hoopskirt Works




13. April Sketch




14. My Porcelain Life




And a pre-order on!!

There's also a vinyl pre-ordering!

February, 17th, 1910


Happy New Year everyone!!

As you can see, no Sister Kinderhook yet! It is more likely to be out in June 2010!

Two songs from this album are played in the PREGNANT LIVE (see Mel’s den page) that was recorded at the Knitting Factory in September 1909 and that came out a few days ago on the official merch page.

- Kinderhook Hoopskirt Works

- Holocaust of Giants

Since last time, she also pulled out Ancient Cross-Dressing Songs, a small 3-songs CD about women dressing as men. That is already sold out. (Mel’s den page)

Catie D’amica left the band and it’s now Julie Griner on drums.

 I have created a Sister Kinderhook page, that is quite raw for now, as I have no pretty layout or album cover whatsoever to post!

I have also created a discography. 1993-2010 years of albums.

Melora gave birth to her second daughter in November, and she’s named Ivy and it’s pretty <3

We’re still waiting for that rarities album J

June, 21st, 1909


Hi everyone!!


Since last time, a few things.


- Melora has sold out copies of a very very limited CD with artwork done by herself and Hollis, with three tracks on it called “The Willow Tree” (see the Mel’s den page)

I am collecting the various artworks of each and every CD as each of them is a different piece of art!


- Melora is, as we speak, recording a new LP, probably entitled “Sister Kinderhook” and it is due for August. I can’t wait!


-Melora was on the cover of Origivation this spring. It is digitally available on their website ( Pictures by James Jackson available on the Mel’s den page.




January, 9th, 1909


Happy New Year ! (again!)


I haven’t given news for a long year, a year without too many Raspies…



Times have changed! After a long silence, hidden in a Hudson cave, Melora gave birth to a limited edition (1000 copies that were out fast) LIVE album this January called “Melora a la Basilica”


You can see pictures of it in the “Melora’s den” page!


Plus, she is again expecting twin CDs, to come out in 2009:

-         A new new brand new Rasputina full length Cd to follow up the LP “P. World”

-         And a rarities album! Of never heard songs and covers and instrumentals…


I can’t wait to both receive my live album, my dear special numbered copy, and all that is to come. I had a bad feeling about a Melora’s note last April, but all is well that ends well.

Jonathon has left the band without a note.

Catie D’Amica will be the drums for now on, and Daniel DeJesus accompanies Melora to the cello.

Good news!


Also, check out on Melora’s song for  REPO!The genetic opera!

And, somewhere, someone owns very very rare songs of a Raspy demo… Vain Aviary/Betty Platz/ I’m in love with my car/Grey are the Greenest Eyes


Juanuary, 16th, 1908


Happy New Year !


Time runs fast, hey?


A new picture in the PW page! Melora’s hands, taken by Lauren Golberg.


I re-did the whole TFTE page as well. Same design, but no mistakes and no broken URL. And “Melora’s den”, the “misc page”, works again.


The photoshoot of Melora in her house was for a documentary called “Goth- cruise”. We have to keep an eye on that !


December, 2nd 1907

Wow, long time no writing! But I didn’t stop adding tons of pictures every now and then when I found some! Like, for example, in the Perilous World page, nourished with Postcards scans and pictures from the poster as well as merch.

And today I found a photoshoot of Melora at her house, in Hudson. Check that out, her house is really looking like her. Raspish and gloomy-victorian beautiful. It’s on the Perilous World page as well.

Rasputina will be live in London, ENGLAND, on January the 29th, 2008 in the Queen Elisabeth Hall! Book your tickets! I would have loved to be here but if it’s not during a weekend or in Paris, I just can’t go there this precise week L I’m frustrated.

May, 14th 1907

Hello gals!

There is a new song added to the setlist, it goes like that :

1816, The Year Without A Summer
Choose Me For Champioin
Cage In A Cave
Incident in a Medical Clinic
Draconian Crackdown
Child Soldier Rebellion
Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken
Old Yellowcake Breaking News
In Old Yellowcake
We Stay Behind
A Retinue of Moons/The Infidel is Me
The Pruning

According to Melora’s email, there will be three formats for the new album: Vinyl LP, CD and a limited edition deluxe CD.

On June 26, 1907 Rasputina will release their long awaited new studio recording "Oh Perilous World". There will be three formats: Vinyl LP, CD and a limited edition deluxe CD (which will include a bonus CD and some other cool thing we are still deciding on). There will be a special pre-order at the new Rasputina merch store starting May 15 TOMORROW (!!!) (with another cool bonus for ordering we're still deciding on). And to cap it all, a series of recitals will commence July 5 and continue for the whole month of July and into August.

-Concerning the gallery, I added a new pic of Melora from Symon Chow in the frustration period.

- The bobble doll winning pics of Brooke from as well as the bobble doll box and a fresh picture of the puppets set.

- New pictures in the Perilous World! Page. Two of Mel and Jon, another one with Sarah, some merch, and finally, the promotion CD of “Oh, Perilous World!” Thanks to candyquackenbush.

April, 20th 1907

The April tour is almost done, there have been a few pics shown (see inourbloomers), but it was apparently great shows!

We have news now about the new album!

It will be called ‘Oh, Perilous World!’ And will be out on June, 26th on Filthy Bonnet Records.

Here’s the tracklist, there’s no layout shown and I dunno yet where to buy it. Ryan Obermeyer has been working on it though J

01. 1816, The Year Without A Summer
02. Choose Me For A Champion
03. Cage In A Cave
04. Incident In A Medical Clinic
05. Draconian Crackdown
06. Child Soldier Rebellion
07. Oh Bring Back The Egg Unbroken
08. Old Yellowcake Breaking News
09. In Old Yellowcake
10. A Retinue Of Moons/The Infidel Is Me
The Pruning

March, 1st 1907

My motto: Never Give Up !

Wow, a year has passed now. I am back from Greece and really well decided to update this website. During my greek times, I followed Rasputina news.

Folks, in case you didn’t know, Zoë has long gone, and is now part of the LOST SOULS of the Rasputina history. (But don’t forget her admirable cello solo work on her website or her myspace!) Two new souls appeared, at least for the short tour, Sarah Bowman, and Erica Mulkey alias UNWOMAN.


Melora has got her own EP entitled “PERPLEXIONS” that was out in December 2006 and you can order it here on cdbaby if it’s not already done. There are no lyrics in it, so friends on inourbloomers tried to guess them. I added them and a pic of the album in the “Melora’s den” page.


Rasputina has two new songs on compilations. “Coraline” on the Neil Gaiman “Where’s Neil when you need him?” compilation and “A Skeleton Bang” on “The Colours are Brighter”.


A few Rasputina new songs (Oh, Bring back the egg unbroken, Choose me for Champion, Draconian Crackdown, Stay Behind, Yellow Cake, Infidel, Retinue Moons )(from the forthcoming album) are “lookable” and “hearable” on youtube. ;) You’re free to go and listen or just wait for the new album which is due for SPRING 2007.


!!There are recitals for April 2007!! :

 Mon-Apr-09 ALBANY, NY —
 Tue-Apr-10 BURLINGTON, VT —
 Wed-Apr-11 ARLINGTON, MA —
 Thu-Apr-12 FALL RIVER, MA —
 Fri-Apr-13 (Oooo... scary) Northampton, MA —


Rasputina has a MYSPACE page too!


A bit of news into each Rasputina page :


-          3 pictures of the TFTE video.

-          A new pouch version

-          A merch picture with a pouch on it and some promo thingie.

-          The version of TFTE with red titles on the back.

CF :

-          The CF exclusive digipack version.

-          The “rock me” T-shirt added in merch.

FP :

-          The ceased and desisted colour book!

-          New Ryan Obermeyer pictures of the band before Zoë left!

-          3 new Sam Lahoz pictures from the magazine UGLY PLANET, issue number 3. Go buy your copy there!).

-          A picture of Melora with Pablo from Contramano pretending to be her.

-          The Frustration T-shirts

-          The bobblehead original non-colored contest picture.


It is supposed to be entitled THURSDAY CHRISTIAN, as the rumor says. Just wait and see!

I created a page for this forthcoming album, gathering all the pics I could.

-           See it here.


-           Brad Walsh gentily let me use his pictures of Melora taken during an interview in February 2006.

And there are a few new merch stuff.



I found a delicious big-sized picture of Melora in ON MY KNEES! KIM WOOD, the director of the movie has a nice myspace page and a trailer of ON MY KNEES on it. I made some screen prints you can see in “Melora’s den” along with Melora’s PERPLEXION CD.

A few words to say that looks dead and that it’s sad, and that there is a new (not so new but not known!!) interview of Rasputina in the Sentimentalist, issue #19 (See my post on inourbloomers).

For those who can, enjoy the tour.

So, are you full of joy and Rasputinism now?

July, 8th 1906

Wow, a year has passed now. I am back from Greece and really well decided to update this website. During my greek times, I followed Rasputina news.

Folks, in case you didn’t know, Zoë has long gone, and is now part of the LOST SOULS of the Rasputina history. Two news souls appeared, at least for the short tour, Sarah Bowman and Erica Mulkey, alias UNWOMAN. Visit their myspaces.

But Mr.Frothy had redesigned Zoë’s head, and I wanted to show you the gloves set I had been offered. And a pic of Melora with (I don’t remember the name)’s band member.(FP page)

I found a new pouch, new merch and pictures of the TFTE EPK video. See in the TFTE page.

A few new pics before Zoë left by Ryan Obermeyer, the color book which has been ceased and desisted, and pictures of Sam Lahoz from the magazine UGLY PLANET, issue number 3,  (Go buy your copy there!) can be found on the Frustration Plantation page.

For the non-plastic version of “CABIN FEVER!”, see CF page.

And as you already know, Rasputina is working on a new album, entitled THURSDAY CHRISTIAN. I will later put up a new page with the pictures of its recording which you can for instance see here.