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2nd Chairs

Julia Kent  



Kris Cowperthwaite


ZoŽ Keating


3rd Chairs

Serena Jost



Lisa Haney



Carpella Parvo


According a June 2007 interview, this lost soul was ficticious :

“Some records, I’ll do it by myself, but I’ll credit the live players, or if there were only two members, I’d make up a fake name for the third girl. At this point, I’m tired of keeping up the front.”

I didn’t realize you’ve made up fake names for cellists before.
”Yeah [laughs], I’ve never told anybody before. You’ve got the scoop. “

Can I ask who the fake cellists were?
”Yeah, I might as well go all the way with this. On the first record, Carpella Parvo. [Julia] Kent and I just made that up. Carpella was like carpal tunnel, because we gave ourselves carpal tunnel playing the other parts. And now it’s at the point where it’s me and a guy — it’s me and the drummer making the records, so I give up

Agnieszka Rybska


Nana Bornant


Daphne Klondike

One show in 1901


Ariana Arcu

2 weeks in 1901.


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