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Melora's den. 


Melora as an actress.

In the "Longtime Companion" Movie, 1890.

In the "Backfire" Movie, 1895.



Melora staring in the "On my knees" movie as Hannah Cullwick, 1902.

You can see the first few minutes here :

And you can see the trailer on Kim Wood’s Myspace  HERE.

Melora as a designer/artist.



Melora's artwork for Anna Sui, 1899.



Melora's artwork for Anna Sui, 1905.



Pieces of artwork by Melora for an art show of  D.U.M.B.O.

This is what says the website :

Here and NOW is an event organized by Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints and the D.U.M.B.O. General Store. Silicon Gallery is a Digital Printmaker for artists and fine art photographers based in DUMBO Brooklyn and Old City Philadelphia. Silicon Gallery prints only with archival paper and inks on IRIS large format archival printers and with InkJet printers using pigmented ink. We print from original work, photographic media (slides, prints, transparencies etc) and computer files in one off monoprints or limited editions in a print-on-demand format. The D.U.M.B.O. General Store is a Cafe and Artist Materials store on Front Street in DUMBO Brooklyn. Great coffee, pastries, art materials, beeswax candles and a host of neat stuff to feed the artists' soul or stomach. DUMBO is a unique area, Down Under the Manhatten Bridge Overpass, teeming with creative people. You will find a community of artists, art galleries, restaurants and great views of Manhatten from this neat little enclave. It's York Street station on the F train.


Melora as a cellist.

Melora was part of the band Ultra Vivid Scene around 1992/93.


Here are screen prints from the video clip “Candida” you can see here on youtube.


And here are the screen prints of the video clip “Mercy Seat”.


Melora was also a cellist on tour with Nirvana back in 1994.


Italian TV RAIUNO 02/23/94


Milan, Italy 2/24/94


Milan, Italy 2/25/94



See it on youtube here or here or here.

Melora’s solo project: Perplexions

December 2006.


Here are the explanations for the songs.

Melora Creager's Perplexions.
How, exactly, is this different from Rasputina?
It hardly is, ha ha!

Please enjoy the following selections:
Girl Lunar Explorer-
Inspired by the satellite Gallileo's explorations of Saturn's moon, Titan.
A true story of weapons inventors and the evil within.
Sky is Falling-
A foot-stamping collage of catastrophic disaster.
Border Village-
This is how life is for them there.
A tale of Polynesian spite and revenge.
American Girl-
Tom Petty? Tom Petty.
Itinerant Airship-
Take one measure from West Side Story's "Somewhere". Add 4 cellos and the Pitcairnian Women's Chorus. Rinse and repeat.

Melora a la Basilica (avec Daniel DeJesus)

January  2009.






Dances of Vice February 2009


Origivation magazine Spring 09


Photos : James Jackson

The Willow Tree Triptych

May 2009

3 different songs from 3 different countries, all titled 'The Willow Tree"
— American, English, Irish
Total edition of 130, autographed. Will never be reproduced on album or anything.
Individual hand-collaged covers by Melora & Hollis.


First 35 copies sold at shows.




The other 100 copies sold out on the official handicraft webpage.

Back of the copies.

Ancient Cross-Dressing Songs

Available only at the Knitting Factory show, September 13th 1909


01. A message from Melora
02. The Female Highwayman
03. Jackaroe
04. The Female Smuggler

The Pregnant Concert

Recorded live at the Knitting Factory, September 13th 09



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