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August, 4th 1898

Promo pictures of the band


Unknown photographers



Photos by James Coviello



Pictures taken by Loren Haynes.



Photographs by Daniel Moss


Pictures by Merri Cyr


Yelena Yemchuck




Pictures from Magazine




SMUG Magazine 1999. Pictures by Andreas Kuehn.


Screen captures of the video clip “The Olde Headboard”


The multimedia part of the CD




The electronic storybook stills, stolen from the multimedia part of the CD.


That video's on your cd !



Longbox Storybook Edition


Japanese Version.



 The Olde Headboard  single.

 The Olde Headboard  vinyl.


“Dig These Nuggets” tape.





Postcard back and front




Folio back and front


What’s written on Ag’s picture :

 "What's the most getting on my nerves is the weight I gain since I'm here and for a while, I was looking like a birthday cake. What is worse is that I love to eat, everything and anything. But when I saw myself on a picture, I was like "stop it". Soon I'll succeed coz I persevere in my trainings and I don't stop my diet. (most of the time).
A long time ago, meaning 10 years, I decided to live in NYC and to play in a cool band- my dreams are realized because I'm here, I play with great girls in a really original band. What else would complete my bliss ? Maybe a wonderful man, who will understand me and love me as crazy as I am.
What do you think about it Leszek ???"

Screen captures from the old site design.


This is the Official Rasputina site while they were with Columbia, 1898.


When they broke up with Columbia appeared that one, 1900.





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