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 Website ethics and policies :


Hello guys!


This was originally made as a fan sharing experience and as a “picture archiving” place.

Just because I love everything about Rasputina and the visual world that goes with it.

I do not own any rights on the pictures but I quote the photographers and their websites whenever I find their names and official pages.

Some of the photographers basically gave pictures to me themselves.

You can download the pictures for your own use but just don’t steal everything and make it your own like it was your 7 years of F******* HTML editing.

(You know who you are)

I do not do live pictures because they would be an endless job.

I do not publish good quality pictures or insides of booklets of full length CD artworks. (Old rare stuff only)

 The artist has to live and I don’t wanna promote piracy.


Sincerely yours,